Amazon is a catalog based system which means that each product should have one listing page with multiple sellers adding their offer.  As multiple sellers use the same page, the Amazon description should not contain any offer specific information e.g. Free Shipping.

Who creates Amazon listings

Amazon uses a number of sources of data for to create its products listings.  Products can be created by brands via either the Vendor Central or Brand Registry programs.  Brand can uses these programs to police their content on Amazon and also to promote their products on Amazon.  If a brand has not created a product then it can be created by marketplace or ‘third party’ sellers via the seller central platform.  Amazon may use data from

What is an ASIN

Each listing is uniquely identified by an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).  ASINs typically correspond to a single barcoded product but certain categories accept products without barcodes. An ASIN for a product with the same barcode will be the same across all Amazon sites.

The anatomy of an Amazon listing



Product pages should contain

Description and Bullets


Attributes and

Search terms (Keywords)


Browse Nodes (Categorisation)


Amazon A+ Content

Enhanced listings pages, know as A+ content are available to Vendor central (also know as first party sellers) for an additional fee. These pages can be used to showcase the features of a product and promote a brand.