The Essential Guide to Building a Successful Multi-Channel Online Business with Google, Shopify, eBay, Amazon & Facebook

by Trevor Ginn

How to Grow Your eCommerce Business will show you all the techniques and know-how needed to grow your online business. Learn how to turn your eCommerce store into a multi-channel business with customers worldwide.

Written in plain English and full of practical advice, each of its 11 chapters focuses on a different aspect of trading online. Topics include selecting winning products, optimising channels such as Shopify, Amazon, Facebook, eBay and Google and delighting customers.

The book is divided into three parts, each containing a focused set of chapters dealing with a different aspect of running a successful multi-channel online business.

Part 1: The business of eCommerce

Part one explains how to win at the business of eCommerce. It takes a bird’s eye view of the strategies eCommerce businesses use to succeed and how to measure and understand your business performance.

Topics include:

Part 2: Increasing Website Sales

Part two covers building a successful eCommerce site, measuring your website performance and using this information to maximise your online sales.

Topics include:

Part 3: Increasing sales through Online Marketplaces

Part three focuses on Marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon. Online Marketplaces are great places to do business because they have millions of loyal customers and an international reach. Set-up costs are low and by publishing your inventory on these marketplaces, you will quickly get incremental sales.

Topics include:

By following this book’s advice, you will learn how to optimise your existing sales channels and find new sources of growth from an expert.