eCommerce Platforms

We help you select and implement the best system for your business. We work with leading platforms including LinnworksPlentyMarkets and Veeqo.

Ecommerce platforms form the backbone of any serious ecommerce business. These systems enable all aspects of the business to be managed from a single place including inventory, sales, returns, warehousing, couriers and messaging. Our Ecommerce Platforms services cover the following areas:

Selecting the right system

A good system can support the growth of your business, streamlining processes and providing useful data.  We can help you choose the right system, based on your business needs, size and budget.

Setting up your system

Installing a system can be complex and time-consuming, asking you to make lots of choices that you might not fully understand.  We can do the hard work, freeing you up to run your business.

Integrating your system

Getting all parts of your business talking to each properly is key to online retail, like making sure Amazon reflects your warehouse stock levels in real time.  We can help connect your ecommerce system to sales channels, warehousing, finance, couriers and whatever else you need

Streamlining processes

Most businesses barely scrape the surface of what their systems can do. We can help automate common processes such as customer messaging, report generation and feed generation, to save time and make growth less painful.

Training staff

Many employees are put off by new systems, preventing you from getting full value from them.  We can provide onsite training courses to help your people get the best out of your system.


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