Many suppliers provide their retailers with incomplete product data, leaving them to fill in the gaps.  The results is that products are slow to market and poor quality data cascades throughout the ecommerce ecosystem.  Typical problems which retailers encounter include:

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Categories and Attributes

Sales channels such as Amazon and eBay are requiring more and more attributes from sellers to enable buyers to filter products and find the right choice.  This data is often difficult and time consuming to create.  Similarly suppliers assume that retailers will chose the best category for their products.  Ecommerce ready data should include recommended categories and associated attributes to ensure that data is created in a way which presents products in the best possible way.


Images are becoming more and more important to online sales with visual mediums such as Instragram.  However many suppliers provide only a small number of poor quality images.  Multiple images are important as they increase conversion rate 7% more likely to sell and are 3% more likely to sell with each additional picture added to a listing (based on an eBay study, July 2012).

Higher quality images allow retailers to zoom in and enlarge images


Online, customer can purchase products for very specific reasons and small details matter.  Consequently product data should be highly accurate and updated every time change occurs.

Marketplace data

Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon make up the majority of online sales, both in the UK and internationally.  However, suppliers rarely include marketplace specific information such as ASINs or attributes in their data.  This leads to poorly optimised listings

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