Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a fantastic service for reaching Amazon’s Prime customers, both domestically and internationally, without requiring your own fulfilment capability. However, setup is fiddly and shipments must be carefully prepared.  We can provide advice and assistance in the following areas:

Inventory creation

To create your FBA inventory, current listings needs to be converted to FBA or separate FBA SKUs added.  There is also the question of whether to enable Pan European FBA (which has VAT implications), use the European Fulfillment Network (EFN) or just offers products to domestic customers.

Shipment preparation

Creating shipping plans which contain multiple items in multiple boxes is a time consuming, tricky process.  Once a plan has been created, deliveries into Amazon warehouses need to be carefully prepared or they will incur additional fees or be rejected outright.

Account management

By engaging us to manage your FBA business, you can relax whilst we do the hard work of creating shipping plans, preparing shipments and dealing with issues.  Simply ship the products to us and we will do the rest.