Since its launch in 2012 Google shopping has quickly become the major way for retailers to advertise their products on Google search.  Consumers click on thumbnail picture of images to be taken directly to the retailer’s website or they can browse products from a range of merchants to compare prices.  The program is charged on a cost per click (CPC) basis.

To create the products details for display on shopping ads, Google combines data from a number of merchants.  The Google Manufacturer Center providers a way for brand owners to influence the way their products are displayed on Google shopping and ensure that the information is accurate and reflects their brand values.  This creates more effective listings on Google Shopping, other Google services, and across the web.

Who is the program open to?

Using Google Merchant Center is free and only open to brand manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers of own-brand products who manufacture products and own the licensing rights to that product.  Currently the program is only available in the USA, but will undoubtely roll out worldwide in due course.

Program requirements

Once an account has been created, product data must be uploaded via a spreadsheet (or product feed).  Google has specific requirements for the data included.  The data schema includes compulsory and optional fields – the most fields which are complete the more accurately the products will be displayed

Need help setting up your Google Manufacturer Centre account and submitting data – drop us a line.