With an increasing share of sales moving online, it is vital that suppliers provide their retailers with well written, comprehensive and accurate product data in a convenient format.  Alas, too often the data retailers receive is out of date and incomplete.  Product data is frequently not given the attention it deserves, leading to poor product descriptions and, ultimately, unhappy customers.

VendLab’s services enable suppliers to create high quality, up to date product data and share the information with their customers. Our service includes:


Optimising data

Retail is increasingly multi-channel, with each channel having its own data requirements.  Rich data can do wonders to sales conversion rate, however the quality of data provided by suppliers is rarely up to the job.  The rise of mobile shopping has only increased the need for multiple high-resolution images of each product, as well as product videos. We help suppliers optimise their data to meet the growing demands of retailers, sales channels and end consumers.


New product forms

Larger retailers such as Amazon, Tesco and Sainsbury’s will each have their own new product form (NPF) format that needs to be completed before they will accept new products.  Unless you are a whizz with excel (we are!) these can be difficult and time consuming to produce. We will generate NPFs from the data we have been supplied, in any format – fast.


Data Management

It is vital for retailers to have access to the most recent product data when they need it.  Amazingly, many suppliers still send out product data by post, on CDs or tell retailers to copy information from their website.  This is time consuming and means that retailers are always working off old data. By letting us manage your product data we will ensure that retailers have the most up to date information in the format they need.