VendLab helps clients create optimised Amazon product listings (merchant or Amazon fulfilled) quickly and across multiple platforms. We can also help your company boost its sales through better search performance and international expansion.

Basic Inventory

Creation of listings for your products using titles, descriptions, and other required information. This can be based on your current catalogue or created from scratch.


Detailed Inventory

Creation of rich listings with search-optimised keywords and optional attributes that make your products stand out so customers can find them easily.


Creation of content for international sites. Content can be machine translated, machine translated with human review, or human translated depending on requirements.

Amazon SEO

Amazon is the biggest product search engine in the world and as such it is vital for brands to perform well in Amazon search. We can advise on how to improve search performance and boost sales.

Brand Registry

Amazon’s Brand Registry allows brands and manufacturers to influence product details, create new products and remove counterfeits on Amazon in the UK and internationally.  To use Brand Registry manufacturers need to enrol their brand and register themselves as the brand owner. If you care about how your brand is represented on Amazon enrolling in Brand Register should be a top priority.

Fullfilment by Amazon

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a fantastic opportunity to sell to Amazon’s enormous customer base both domestically and internationally.  FBA setup. Registration for Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and identification of your top selections. Building your inventory and creation of your first FBA shipment.