How Amazon compiles product data from multiple sellers

Amazon is a catalogue system. This means that each item (as defined by a unique barcode) will be represented by a single product details page.

For example: Jaques the Peacock with EAN 0796714270135 has the Amazon ASIN B000I2MRLK.

Most branded product listing on Amazon will have more than one seller, each of which can submit their own product details via Amazon Manage inventory > inventory.

From this screenshot you can see that Amazon states that it combines data from multiple sellers to create the listing. But how does it do this. Like many thing on Amazon the process is murky. Here is what they explicitly say about it.

Here is what we have managed to gleen from interaction with Amazon regarding updating product listings:

  • Content preference tends to go to the original creator of the listing
  • Adding content via the inventory > edit won’t get automatically used unless it is filling a content area which was previously empty
  • The best way to get incorrect content updated it to submit content and then contact Amazon seller support



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