How to create Amazon shipping templates

The Amazon Shipping template sets the shipping destinations available for each product.  These are set up under Setting > Shipping settings > Shipping templates.  Each seller can have a maximum of 20 templates.

Price Calculation

Shipping templates calculate shipping in two ways:

  • Per items/weight based.  Fixed price per items and then a price per kg
  • Price banded.  Shipping based on the order price range

Note: Items weight for shipping is set under Manage inventory > Edit product > more details.  This can also be specified in bulk using the inventory loader file.

Setting zones

In the shipping template the merchant specifies delivery rules Domestic and International Standard and expedited Shipping. 

  • Region. Split into Domestic and international regions.  The merchant will select the region e.g. Dometic > Scotland or International > Austria
  • Address type.  Street must be selected but PO Box is optional
  • Shipping time.  Delivery timescale
  • Shipping fee.  This is set from Item + Kg or price banded as mentioned above



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