How to select keywords for your Amazon product listings

For a product to appear in the Amazon search, the product listing must contain the searched keyword. Without it, the customer will not see your product. Include all the relevant keywords on your product page.

A listing contains many content areas and we will be discussing how to create an optimised listing later on.

When searching for keywords for your Amazon listings, use the following sources

  1. Use your head. Spend some time thinking about when they would buy your product, what kinds of questions they would have – even what kind of items they would buy instead of your product (either as a replacement or from a competitor).
  2. Amazon Autocomplete. Amazon itself can even be used for keyword research. If you tap a few letters in the search box, products automatically appear as suggestions. This autocomplete function is not arbitrarily generated, rather, Amazon displays the terms search for most. So, it makes sense that autocomplete actually provides you with a set of legitimate keywords.
  3. Related items. Look at products which are shown as Customers who viewed this item also viewed’
  4. Competitor products.  In the title and the product information of other products are keywords which you haven’t thought of, but your competitors have!
  5. Keyword research tools. Tools such as Sellics Sonar will give you a list of popular keyword by category and ASIN

Keywords tools include:

As a result of your research, you should have a list of keywords that covers all relevant queries from customers. Among that list should be, on one hand, your top keywords that are frequently searched for and reach as many customers as possible.



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