Managing Orders on Amazon

Manage order Screen

Amazon orders can be managed from the managed order screen in the main.  If you are selling from a unified EU or NA account orders from all linked accounts will be shown.

Delivery promise

When purchasing an order from Amazon, a promise will made to the customer regarding delivery.  If delivery is not made by this date the customer may start to query the location of the package.  Best practise:

  • If delivery is going to be late, inform the customer
  • If the order has been sent via a tracked service, provide the tracking number
  • If the delivery is delayed due to a carrier issue, you can ask the customer to do so but they are under no obligation to wait, and could start an A-Z claim which they will win.

Buy Shipping

Shipping can be purchased directly from this screen by clicking the buy shipping button

Safe-T claims

Amazon gives itself carte blanche to do whatever if like customer service wise.  It can refund a customer for any and all reasons. 

If you feel that a refund is not justified e.g.

  • An item was sent back outside the 30 day return window
  • A refund was given for an order which was recorded as delivered

Then file a Safe-T claim to try and reclaim the money.



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