eBay Listing Best Practice

We are frequently asked about best practise for eBay listings and so we thought we should collect together all the best sources for eBay optimi-sation advice.

eBay Gold Standard Listings

eBay have produced the following guide for creating ‘Gold Standard Listings’. All reasonably entry level stuff but relevant nevertheless.


List Smart is a recently launched tool which gives optimisation advice on live eBay listings.  Through the ecommerce blog Tamebay they have written two guides on eBay best practice:


Terapeak license data from eBay and allow subscribers to query it by, for example, searching for sales from a particular seller or category.  By using their tools you can:

  • Find commonly used keywords and the prices these products sold at
  • Find the best converting categories for a particular product

eBay conversion rate

Web Retailer is an excellent site and has produced this interesting article on eBay conversion rates.  I think their listings look pretty awful, but they make some good points.  We used some of this advice when developing the new listing template for Hello Baby.





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