7-Figure Q4 & Black Friday Email Formula with Reinis Krumins from Agencyjr.com

In this week’s podcast, Trevor talks to Reinis Krumins from email marketing Agency agencyjr.com about how to kick it out of the park with email sales this Q4. Also available as a podcast. 4 Phase Q4 Email plan Reinis recommends a four-phrase approach to email this Q4 Re-engaging the email list. Warming up the email […]

Launching a Subscription Program with Matt Holman from QPilot

In this week’s podcast, we talked to Matthew Holman from Qpilot about how to run a successful Subscription scheme. Also available as a Podcast. What is an eCommerce subscription? Subscriptions are a part of eCommerce, which is experiencing strong growth. A four or five-fold increase is expected over the next few years. There are two […]

Creating Great Organic and Paid TikTok Content with Lauren Schwartz from Loft 325

In this week’s eCommerce Odyssey Podcast, Trevor talks to Lauren Schwartz for The loft 325 about how to create compelling organic and paid content on TikTok. Available on YouTube or as a Podcast. What is Tiktok Tiktok is an engagement platform where people go to be entertained. Posts consist of short videos  (mostly less than […]

Creating a Single Source of Truth for your eCommerce Store with Maximilian from Klar

Also available as a podcast on all good platforms In this episode of eCommerce Odyssey, Trevor Talks to Maximilian Rast from Klar about how to measure performance across your eCommerce business. Businesses sell through many channels and drive traffic across numerous different advertising platforms and campaigns. By combining this data, you can get a more […]

Dropshipping with Jon Warren from Dropship Breakthru

Jon Warren is an eCommerce entrepreneur and Coach who specialises in high ticket dropshipping. Jon teaches dropshipping at Dropship Breakthru. Dropshipping is an attractive business model as you do not have to pay any money upfront. Jon makes a good case for launching a dropshipping business, but I have had bad experiences with dropshipping for […]

July 2022 VendLab Newsletter

I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are! It is super hot here in the UK.  Tip of the month Referral schemes are a great way to improve your word-of-mouth marketing and reward your customers for publicising your business. The most successful referral schemes are double-sided, i.e. they reward both the referrer […]

How to Improve Referral Program Performance with Jay Gibb from CloudSponge

Listen to this podcast on Anchor.fm In a follow-up to our previous podcast on how to set up referral programmes, Trevor talked to Jay Gibb from CloudSponge about how to improve the performance of referral programmes. What is a referral scheme for eCommerce? If your service is good, word-of-mouth marketing will already be happening for […]