How to setup Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is Google Ads functionality that records what happens after a user interacts with your ads and performs an action. An action could be purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, calling your business or downloading an app. If a customer completes an action you have defined as important, this is called a […]

Social Media Marketing for Startups: 5 Campaigns and Tools You Can Launch

Social media is an indispensable tool today. In fact, one of the reasons why your business should be on social media is because there are over 3.8 billion social media users across all platforms. This means your brand can reach millions of people, increasing your brand’s reputation and sales. Social media also allows you to interact with […]

Monitoring Google Ads Performance

Basic Metrics There are Four basic metrics for PPC ad campaigns: Impression. An impression is the number of viewers to whom the ad is displayed. Impressions measure how often Google has displayed your ads, i.e. how relevant it considers your ads are to its users. Click. A click is an instance of a viewer clicking […]

Google Ads Campaign Types – Search, Display, Shopping, Performance Max, Discover, Local & Smart

Choosing Campaign type Google is a sophisticated advertising platform offering various advertising formats that suit different advertising goals. Your choice of campaign type will be determined by your marketing goals, brand strategy and how much time you have available to manage campaigns. Campaign types include: Search Display Video Shopping App Local Performance Max Discovery Search […]

How to Manage your eCommerce Cashflow with Matt Putra from Eightx

Also available as a podcast. In this week’s podcast, Trevor talk to Matt Putra from Eightx about how to manage cashflows for eCommerce business. Questions we discuss: What is cash flow? What problems can people have? How to avoid problems these problems Tips for optimising cashflow How can eCommerce businesses get funds to grow? 2023 […]

Creating & Optimising Google Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads make it easy to reach relevant customers on Google search. Dynamic Search Ads use your website’s content to target your ads and can help and automatically keep your campaigns up to date using all relevant keywords. Dynamic Search Ad headlines are generated using your website’s content. This keeps your ads relevant and […]

Google Keyword Match Types

Keyword Matching Types Keywords are words or phrases used to match ads with the terms for which people are searching. The keyword match types determine how closely the keyword must to match with the user’s search so that the ad can be included in the auction. For example, Broad Match will serve your ad to […]

How to Use Google Ads Targeting

Google ads can be optimised to improve ROI by focusing their targeting. A range of targeting options are available. These include: Keyword targeting (covered in another video) Device targeting. Targeting by mobile, tablet or desktop Location targeting. Targeting by country or region Ad scheduling. Bid different amounts at different times of day Audience targeting.  Advertise […]

How to Use Google Ads Bid Strategies

With Google Ads, there are several ways to bid for your ads, known as bid strategies. These include focusing on clicks, impressions, conversions or video ad views. Account Objectives Different advertisers will have different objectives for their campaigns. Examples include: Conversions, i.e. Getting people to make a purchase or perform an action on your website […]