7-Figure Q4 & Black Friday Email Formula with Reinis Krumins from Agencyjr.com

In this week’s podcast, Trevor talks to Reinis Krumins from email marketing Agency agencyjr.com about how to kick it out of the park with email sales this Q4.

Also available as a podcast.

4 Phase Q4 Email plan

Reinis recommends a four-phrase approach to email this Q4

  1. Re-engaging the email list.
  2. Warming up the email list.
  3. Early sign up and commitment phase
  4. Black Friday!

Re-engaging the email list

In any email list, there will be inactive users who have not interacted with an email recently. Send these customers text-based, personalised emails to get these users to re-engage with your business. 

This email should be a ‘personal’ email from the founder or give some helpful information about a product.

Warming up the email list

There are two parts to this

  • Relationship warm-up
  • Technical warm-up

The relationship email focuses on building the brand in the customer’s emails. For example, it could be about charitable work the brand is doing. Alternatively, use value-based emails which highlight products in a non-sales way, e.g. top 3 tips on using product XX

The second side of the warm-up is the technical warm-up which ensures deliverability. Add a custom sending domain (if you have not already done so) to your email software. I.e. emails will come from XXX.com, not from the email software’s domain. Email from shared domains can have delivery issues as some senders will be spamming people. By using your own domain, you avoid this issue.

Early sign-up and commitment phase

To build your list, create a special page on your site so that customers can sign up to get early access to offers. Send this to your email list. To build this list, you use paid advertising and retargeting

These users get early access to Black Friday deals. 

Black Friday

From 19-20th Nov, customers who signed up for early access get emailed. From 20-21st Nov, send 2 emails every day. It is essential to be aggressive around Black Friday as customers are getting lots of emails. If you send only a few emails, your messages will not be seen.



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