Amazon Feedback and A-Z Claims

Amazon buyers get the opportunity to leave feedback for sellers, but only about 5-10% do. Feedback is on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 or 2 a negative, 3 neutral and 4 or 5 a positive. Feedback is used to measure seller performance and feeds into Buy Box performance. As a negative feedback rate of greater than 1% puts the account in danger of suspension, it pays to keep on top of it.

Amazon A-Z Guarantee

The A-Z guarantee scheme is Amazon’s guarantee to customers that they will receive the products they purchased through the marketplace or get the money back. It covers the following situations:

  • Non-delivery of orders
  • Delivered products were different from the Amazon listing.

Under these situations, buyers initiate a claim against the buyer, which Amazon mediates. A seller can end the procedure by refunding the customer, or if they feel that the customer is mistaken, they can make their case to Amazon.

The percentage of A-Z claims count towards a seller’s Order Defect rate (see below). Too many A-Z claims can get an account suspended.



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