Amazon for Brands – Brand Registry, Branded Storefronts & FBA

Brand Registry

Amazon actively encourages brands to sell directly to Amazon customer and has launched a range of tools to enable brands to protect and promote their brand on Amazon. Brand Registry enables brand trademark owners to register their brand with Amazon. Once the brand is registered, brand owners can do the following:

  • Create a branded storefront
  • Run sponsored brand advertising campaigns
  • Add A+ content to listings
  • Remove counterfeit products
  • Amends listing details

Branded storefronts

A branded storefront shows the products listed under a brand. The store has a vanity URL and is organised by categories. Page Sections can give product information and highlight products.

Tangle Teaser’s Amazon Storefront

A+ Content

A+ (or Enhanced Brand) Content is an area of rich media content added to the product listing page by brand owners. According to Amazon, adding A+ content can boost conversion rates by 5-10%

A+ content for Firepot dehydrated meals

FBA Brands

Amazon offers brands a fully functional ecosystem for selling their products.

  • Publishing platform of listing products
  • Traffic via Amazon natural search or sponsored products
  • Fulfilment via FBA

The ease of setting up with Amazon has heralded the launch of many ‘FBA Brands’ who only sell their products through Amazon FBA and no other channels. They get products produced in China and shipped directly to Amazon fulfilment houses from where Amazon does all the fulfilment and customer service.



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