Getting a 360-Degree View of your Cross-Channel eCommerce Performance with Dan LeBlanc from Daasity

Dan LeBlanc is the founder of ⁠Daacity⁠, a SaaS company which enables businesses to combine their data from different sales channel into a single, holistic view of performance. In this Episode, Trevor and Dan talk about the importance of accurate reporting in helping companies understand their business, customers and product performance.

Things we discussed:

  • What is the problem that you fix?
  • How did you get into doing this?
  • What are the problems that you face in doing this?
  • Does the data go both ways
  • How do you deal with minor channels
  • When should a business graduate from a spreadsheet to using a tool
  • How do you deal with commission costs.
  • What about cross channel conversions?
  • What problems can you not fix yet??
  • Are you using any AI technology yet.
  • What has inspired you recently.

⁠⁠ is an eCommerce agency specialising in launching and growing multi-channel direct to consumer businesses.



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