How to Optimise Performance Max & Standard Google Shopping Campaigns

Add Audience signals It is best practice to add customer and other audience data to your Performance Max Campaigns and continually add new people to those lists. Track conversions Performance Max Campaigns use conversion tracking of online sales to calculate your RoAS and hence the level of the bid for your products. It is, therefore, […]

Dropshipping with Jon Warren from Dropship Breakthru

Jon Warren is an eCommerce entrepreneur and Coach who specialises in high ticket dropshipping. Jon teaches dropshipping at Dropship Breakthru. Dropshipping is an attractive business model as you do not have to pay any money upfront. Jon makes a good case for launching a dropshipping business, but I have had bad experiences with dropshipping for […]

Email Marketing Metrics & Improving Performance

Improving Email Marketing Performance Personalisation Creating a personalised email for each recipient can boost open rates, click-through and deliverability. Your email software should make it easy to pull in customer data from your list to give each email the distinctive touch. Optimise for Mobile With the rise of Smartphones, the majority (51%) of email is […]

Managing eBay Returns, Return Policies and Return Rules

Return Policies The return conditions for an item are set by a creating a ‘Business Policy’ set in account settings > business policies.  A seller can create multiple return policies, one of which is applied to each listing.  Policies set the following conditions Whether domestic returns are accepted Whether international returns are accepted Return period […]

eBay Sell Your Item/Quick Listing Form

The quick listing tool is the form within eBay that is used to create listings one by one.  Features of an eBay listing Title. A descriptive title helps buyers find your item. State exactly what your item is. Include words that buyers might use to search for your item.  Max 80 characters Subtitle.  Subtitles appear […]

Stock numbers (SKUs) for eCommerce

Choosing stock numbers is on the face of it a pretty uninspiring subject. However, all online retailers need to do it and choosing the wrong format can cause lots of pain later. Here are some quick tips: Avoid preceding zeros Avoid zeros at the front of your stock numbers like the plague. Excel will strip them out automatically […]

Barcodes for eCommerce

Barcodes are much abused by a hugely important aspect of retail, especially eCommerce. They (should) uniquely identify products and are a vital part of the process of listing products and processing orders. This article looks at the advantages of using barcodes and the pitfalls that can arise. Types of Barcodes Barcodes come in several flavours. The main […]

Instructional eCommerce Videos

At VendLab we love sharing our knowledge of all thing’s eCommerce, so we have created VendLab eCommerce School – a YouTube channel dedicated to eCommerce instructional videos. Alongside our educational videos, there are recording of our eCommerce Odyssey Podcast which features interviews with interesting people in the eCommerce world Amazon Understanding Amazon FBA SettingsUnderstanding what […]

How Search Engines Work

Search engines perform a marvelous feat. Based on a text query, they produce a list of (usually) relevant results from the billions of pages on the World Wide Web. Moreover, they do this at lightning speed, with search results appearing as your type. Crawling and Indexing Search engines do not achieve this by searching the […]

The Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are web pages displayed to users when they search online using a search engine, such as Google. The user enters their search query, and the search engine then presents them with a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Before optimising your website, you should understand how it might be displayed in […]