Managing eBay Returns, Return Policies and Return Rules

Return Policies

The return conditions for an item are set by a creating a ‘Business Policy’ set in account settings > business policies.  A seller can create multiple return policies, one of which is applied to each listing.  Policies set the following conditions

  • Whether domestic returns are accepted
  • Whether international returns are accepted
  • Return period e.g. 14, 30, 60 days


  • As a business seller, you may have legal obligations to accept returns
  • To qualify for a premium seller discount, the listing must offer a minimum 30 day return period

Managing Returns

To return an item, a buyer should request a return through their account.  When the return is asked for it needs to be approved by the seller.  Once a return is received, it can then be refunded by the seller.

Return address

Seller’s Return address is set under account settings > addresses

Return Settings

The return approval process can be automated to pre-approve or automatically refund returns under certain circumstances.  The criteria set include:

  • Return reason
  • Order value
  • Specific item
  • Item category

These settings can be found in Seller Hub > Orders > Return preferences.



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