eBay Sell Your Item/Quick Listing Form

The quick listing tool is the form within eBay that is used to create listings one by one. 

Features of an eBay listing

  • Title. A descriptive title helps buyers find your item. State exactly what your item is. Include words that buyers might use to search for your item.  Max 80 characters
  • Subtitle.  Subtitles appear in eBay search results in list view and can increase buyer interest by providing more descriptive info.
  • Custom label. Create a custom label to enter the information you want to track, such as your own SKU number.
  • Category.  Each listing must have at least one category.  A second category can be added this may incur a charge
  • EAN.  Buyers often search using product identifiers, so eBay recommends product identifiers to make sure your listings have maximum visibility in buyer search results.
  • Condition. Select the condition of the item you’re listing.
  • Photos. Add up to 12 photos. eBay does not allow photos with extra borders, text or artwork.
  • Item specifics. Provide info about the item you are selling, such as brand, size type, size, colour and style. These details help buyers find your item when they filter their searches and appear at the top of your listing description in a consistent format.
  • Description. Describe the item you are selling and provide complete and accurate details. Use a clear and concise format to ensure your description is mobile-friendly.  Description can be entered using the WYSIWYG editor or HTML
  • Format.  Select auction or fixed price items
  • Duration. Select how long you wish your listing to run.  Auction items are 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days.  Fixed price items can only be Good til cancelled, meaning they automatically renew every 30 days until they sell or are ended.  Listing can start immediate or scheduled for a later time
  • Price.  See below
  • Business policies.  See below
  • Package weight and dimensions.  Size and weight of an item.  They are used for calculating international postage when you use postage tables that price per kg.
  • Items location.  The geographical location of the item.  Used mostly for local pickup only items.

Listing pricing

Auction listings

Auction prices have three components:

  • Starting price.  The price at which the auction starts
  • Reserve price.  The price below which the auction will not sell
  • Buy it now (BIN) price.   The Buy It Now price is available until someone bids on the item or until the reserve price is met.  Until this point, the item can be bought immediately at the BIN price
  • Best offer.  Best offer enables buyers to make an offer for the product for immediate purchase. According to eBay, adding best offer increase sell-through by 3 to 7 percent.

A classic auction strategy is to start the bidding at £0.99 with no reserve price.  Often a low starting price will encourage bidding and result in a higher winning bid.

Fixed Price

Fixed price items only have a buy it now price.  Sellers can also the best offer option.



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