Creating product listings on Amazon by matching by EAN or ASIN

The easiest way to create inventory on Amazon is to match against items which already exist in the Amazon catalogue. This post looks at how to do this product by product and in bulk.

Catalogue matching – individually

If you have only a small number of products to create (less than 10) you can create them directly in the Amazon interface. At a minimum you will need:

  • Your stock number
  • Barcode/ASIN
  • Price
  • Condition
  • Shipping template

Note: when searching for barcodes, Amazon is sensitive to barcode length.

  • EANs are 13 characters
  • UPCs are 12 characters

If your barcodes are too short, you can add zeros to the front.

To add a single product go to Inventory + add an product and search for the product using a barcode or an EAN. You can then add your offer details and this product.

Catalogue matching – bulk

If you have a large number of product to create by matching, these can be created using the Listing loader template.

The inventory loader files can be downloaded from Inventory + Add Products via Upload + Download an inventory file.

The fields you will need to complete are:

  • SKU. Your stock number for this product
  • ASIN/barcode. Product identifier used to match against Amazon’s catalogue
  • Price
  • Min/Max. If using dynamic pricing this will prevent the price going too high or low
  • Shipping template. Defines the shipping rates and destinations for this product
  • Tax code. If you are a business seller this will define the tax applicable to this product
  • Shipping weight. Used to define shipping cost if using a weight based calculation
  • Shipping weight unit of measure
  • FBA fields. Fields required to create FBA listings

Warning: Amazon’s catalogue is of variable quality as it is created by multiple parties. Frequently a barcode is matched against the wrong product, the description or the quantity are wrong



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