Downloading a Category Specific Inventory Flat File from Amazon

When creating products bulk on Amazon it is first necessary to download a flat file template (know as Inventory Files for Specific Categories).  This is done from Inventory > Add product via upload. A different flat file is requires for each category you want to create products in. 

The process for downloading the right flat file for creating products is as follows:

  1. Choose category for the flat file.  Each category has slightly different attributes.  You can select more than one category for the file, but this may cause confusion
  2. Select Advanced or Custom template.  Advanced will have all fields, custom only the ones you select
  3. Select the marketplace you wish to target.  If you are uploading to the EU, the you can use one upload to create in multiple marketplaces (UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, NL)

When uploading the Inventory file the whole file can be uploaded without resaving as another format.

At the bottom the screen there are a number of standing feed files which can be downloaded.  Most useful of these are:

  • Inventory loader file.  This is used for matching against the amazon catalogue and also updating offer information
  • Price and inventory file.  For updating prices and inventory levels



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