eBay Disputes – Item Not Received, Not as Described and Unpaid Items

If a buyer does not pay for an item, you should start an unpaid item case to claim back the fees.

This can be done from the order profile in seller hub > orders

To automate this process you can engage the unpaid item assistant.  This will automatically start an unpaid item case after a set number of days and close it automatically a few days later.

This is set in account settings > site preferences > Preferences for items awaiting payment


If a customer is now happy with the item they have purchased they can start a dispute. Disputes have two stages

  • Work it out.  Buy and seller communicate about their issues
  • Escalated to eBay. The buyer escalates the issue to eBay and they adjudicate

Disputes can take two forms:

  • Item not received.  Under these circumstances the buyer must provide tracking details otherwise they will lose the case if the buyer decides to escalate
  • Not as described.  This will usually result in the buyer returning the item to the seller at the seller’s cost if the buyer decides to escalate.



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