eBay Keyword Research – Finding the Best Key Phrases for your Listing Title and Description

To appear for relevant searches, the listing must include the keywords which users are searching. The keywords used in your listing should include:

  • Product name
  • Brand
  • Product type
  • Synonyms for product type e.g. nappy (uk name), diaper (US name)

When creating listings, take time to research keywords around your product and you product category.  Sources of keyword inspiration include:

  • Keyword tool. This is a free tool that gives search volume across several platforms
  • eBay autocomplete.  Type the name of your product into the eBay search bar and look at the search suggestion generated by eBay.  These will be high volume searches releated to the text you have entered.
  • Google trends. This gives keyword search volume on Google search
  • Your own experience as a seller and a buyer

Choose three to five keywords.  Sellers should identify a few keywords that potential buyers might search for and then use those keywords in the description and title.


Your product is a Cosatto lightweight Woosh stroller which comes with a footmuff

Keywords: Cosatto Woosh Baby, Stroller, footmuff

Synomyns:  Buggy, pushchair, travel system



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