eBay Seller Hub – Performance, , Listings, Orders, Marketing, Payments, Research and Reporting

Seller Hub is the central place for managing your eBay business. It consolidates all our selling information and activities into one location. It also gives you useful data and recommendations to help you grow your eBay sales.

Seller Hub gives you tools to:

  • Manage your listings. You’ll find all the listing, reporting, and order management functionality of My eBay, Selling Manager, and Selling Manager Pro
  • Monitor your business. You can create custom dashboards to track listing activities, sales, costs, traffic data, and more
  • View payouts.  If you are a managed payments seller, you can view previous payouts, find out when you will receive your next payout, and check if you’ve any funds on hold
  • Analyse business performance.  You will receive personalised insights, as well as tips to improve your business

If you have an eBay Shop, you will manage your Shop and access all the features of Promotions Manager or Promoted listings from Seller Hub.

The Seller Hub overview page summarises all you need to know about your selling activity, and by selecting the different tabs listed below you will access a range of different tools and data:

  • Overview. See a summary view of your Tasks, Orders, Listings, and Feedback, along with access to frequently used actions and selling tools
  • Orders. Take action on orders, including printing postage labels and uploading tracking. You can also review past orders and set up rules for managing returns
  • Listings. Create and manage listings, individually or in bulk. You can also manage listing templates and create business policy settings
  • Marketing. Use our tools to build your brand, attract more buyers, and sell more per visit (available to Shop subscribers only)
  • Performance. Understand your business performance through detailed information on sales, selling costs as a percentage of sales, traffic, buyer traffic source, and more. Select the data on the page to drill into in-depth charts and graphs
  • Research. Get advice for improving your listings, sourcing, pricing, and restocking
  • Payments. If you are a managed payments seller, you can find out when you will receive your next payout, see any funds that are currently on hold or processing, details on previous payouts, and update the bank account eBay sends send money to



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