eCommerce Fulfilment with Harry Drajpunch from Amware

Also available as a podcast.

In this week’s show, Trevor talks to Harry Drajpunch from Amware about all thing eCommerce fulfilment.  Topics we discuss include: 

  • What is a fulfilment house or 3PL – what services do they offer?
  • What mistakes do people make with fulfilment?
  • What kind of merchants does fulfilment work best for?
  • What delivery do customers expect?
  • How to combine a fulfilment house with marketplace fulfilment?
  • What are the advantages of using a 3PL
  • What are the disadvantages of using a 3PL
  • What are the cost differences between using a 3PL and your own warehouse?
  • How to differentiate between 3PLs
  • How do you recommend reducing fulfilment costs?
  • What are the latest innovations in fulfilment?



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