Google Merchant Centre Settings

Global merchant centre settings are accessed from the cog icon in the top menu. In this document, I will outline the most important settings.

Business Details

This section contains basic information about your business.

  • About your business. Enter your business address and phone number
  • Website. Verify ownership of your website
  • Logo + Branding. Upload logos and colours to display on Google.


To enable Google to show shipping time and prices to customers, merchants must upload their shipping rates into the merchant centre. Settings include

  • Service coverage. The destination country, currency and service rate
  • Delivery times. Order cut-off time, handling time and transit times
  • Shipping costs. See below

Shipping costs

Setting shipping is a complex beast. Try and keep it simple! GMC offers two options for specifying shipping Basic and advanced


  • Free shipping over a certain amount. You ship items for free once your order value is over a certain amount
  • Free shipping. You ship all items for free
  • Range based. Your shipping rate depends on the order value
  • Flat rate. You ship items at a flat rat


Advance shipping settings allow shipping to be set by:

  • Price
  • Weight
  • Number of items

Shipping is set via a look-up table matching against the product data.


Return details are set on a per-country basis. 

Free listings

Opting in to free listing enables your product to appear in the free listings on Google shopping.

Automatic improvements

Google will automatically try and fix products which do not meet their specifications.

  • Automatic updates. If your website and your feed data does not match, Google will use the website data
  • Image improvements. Google will automatically remove overlays which will stop image from serving.

Google customer reviews

Google can request reviews on behalf of merchants. These will then be displayed alongside the merchant’s detail on Google shopping.

If this programme is set up, then Google will send a survey to every customer after the purchase to collect their opinion. Integration requires adding code to your checkout or installing an app.



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