How to use Amazon Vouchers to grow your sales

You can offer discounts on a single product or a set of products and enjoy automatic merchandising for your voucher through Amazon. Customers can discover vouchers through the following options:

  • Vouchers home page
  • Search results
  • Product detail pages
  • The Offer Listings page
  • In their carts

Add products to your voucher

You can feature up to 200 products in one voucher. While adding multiple products, selecting within the same sub-category or product group will help provide a better customer experience.

Choose voucher type

You can offer percentage or money-off discounts. The discount must be 5% and 80% of your lowest price for the product in the last 30 days. The budget you set will be utilised as customers collect and redeem your voucher. We will deactivate your voucher when your budget is fully utilised.

Schedule and target your voucher

You can set a duration of up to 3 months for your voucher. If you know which customer segment has a higher probability of redeeming your voucher, targeting can help optimise your return on investment.



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