Interview with Jason Russell from Magentity

Magenitity ( is a leading Magento specialist Agency. I caught up with the founder Jason Russell to talk about eCommerce and tackle one of the trickiest questions in eCommerce – Magento or Shopify?

  • Tell me about Magentity
  • Magento or Shopify?
  • How is website speed best measured?
  • Now that websites are becoming more templated, how do eCommerce companies differentiate themselves?
  • What are the most successful eCommerce companies doing?
  • What has inspired you recently

Watch the video on youtube or check out the podcast version

How to Survive Amazon Account Suspensions Ecommerce Odyssey Podcast

As an Amazon seller, getting your seller account suspended can be a terrifying experience. The process is opaque, unaccountable and it is not possible to talk to anyone. In my opinion, it is a manifestation of Amazon’s unaccountable monopoly at its very worst.In the episode, we look at the cause for Amazon account suspensions, how to avoid them and how to deal with them if they arise.Ecommerce odyssey is presented by Trevor Ginn from, an eCommerce agency specialising in online marketplaces and e-commerce sales platforms.
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