Introduction to Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a visual discovery network that can be used to find ideas for projects and interests. It is a way to virtually collect and categorise things you like.

Pinners come to the platform for inspiration or ‘Pinspiration.’ They are planning their weddings, dream vacations, and holiday dinners. And because of that, they are not only receptive to brand content—they find it helpful.

Should my business be on Pinterest?

84% of users use Pinterest to help decide what to buy. According to Pinterest, 55% of Pinners are explicitly searching for products. 83% of users have made a purchase based on the content they see from brands on Pinterest (Source: Pinterest)

Pinners like to discover new products. 75% of Pinterest users say they are interested in new products, compared with 55% on other digital channels. 77% of users regularly discover brands and products on Pinterest. (Source: Pinterest)

  • 83% of weekly users have bought based on the content they saw from brands on Pinterest.
  • 8m+ Pinners are actively engaging with auto content on Pinterest.

(Source: Pinterest)

How Pinterest Works

On Pinterest, every idea is represented by a Pin, an image that Pinterest users can search and save. Pins can also link back to websites, so Pinterest is excellent for driving traffic and sales.

Pinterest home page showing pins.


A RePin is when a user pins something they did not create to one of their boards.

Rich Pins

Rich Pins provide more information on a pin, including price and install buttons. They are available in four formats: Product, Recipe, Article and App Pins.

Boards and Group Boards

Pinterest boards are a digital version of mood boards. They are used to group pins together around a particular theme or topic. For example, you might create a board for a product launch or seasonal content. Group boards are similar, except more than one person can add content.

Pinterest Business Profiles and Shops

Pinterest offers a business account that has several tools to help businesses make the most of the platform.

  • Analytics. Metrics on the performance of your pins and ads
  • Shop. Merchants can submit a feed of their live products, which is used to create pins automatically. These pins will appear under the accounts shop tab.
  • Ads. Pinterest ads enable companies to promote their Pins or product catalogue and drive traffic to their site.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest offers a sophisticated advertising platform that enables promoted pins to be advertised to users based on their interests and demographics. Promoted pins can either be Pins made by the account or products uploaded from a feed.

Promoted Pins

Promoted pins are regular pins that businesses have paid to promote. Promoted pins appear in home feeds and search results and include the ‘Promoted’ label. Other options include promoted video pins, carousel and app pins.

Catalogue Sales

Pinterest Shopping ads help engage with customers early when users are looking for inspiration. Pinterest uses your product data to show relevant products to interested people. Two formats of shop ads are available:

  • Shopping ads. Each product is shown in a single ad.
  • Collections ad. A group of products is shown as a single ad.



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