July 2022 VendLab Newsletter

I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are! It is super hot here in the UK. 

Tip of the month

Referral schemes are a great way to improve your word-of-mouth marketing and reward your customers for publicising your business. The most successful referral schemes are double-sided, i.e. they reward both the referrer and the new customer. 

Check out our podcast with referral candy to learn more about referral schemes.


Check out our eCommerce Odyssey podcast. In the last month, we have talked about:

eCommerce Guides – Affiliate marketing

Want to get websites with similar audiences to promote your products?  Affiliate marketing lets an online retailer increase sales by allowing to earn a commission by recommending their products. Check our our guides:

Need help?

If you are having trouble getting your eCommerce business off the line, we run an eCommerce agency. Details at www.vendlab.com. Always happy to take questions!

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