Livestreaming & live Commerce with Nicholas Bailliache from eStreamly

Fascinating chat on the eCommerce Odyssey Podcast with Nicholas Bailliache from eStreamly, a provider in the nascent space of Live stream shopping. Live streaming is HUGE in China (20% of online sales) and so undoubtedly it is going to be big in the west before long too. Nicholas has some great insights into how to make a success of live streaming events for your business.

I was a sceptic but now I am a convert! I think that live streaming is an effective tool for connecting with audiences and making your business stand out. It also does not need to cost the earth – think of it more as a YouTube vlog.

Questions we talked about:

  • Tell me about eStreamly!
  • How did you get the idea?
  • What is live commerce all about?
  • Does it work?
  • It works in China, what about the west?
  • What kind of businesses do you work with?
  • What process should the merchant go through to run an event?
  • Where are the events published?
  • How kind of success do you see?
  • How should retailers run a successful event?
  • What has inspired you recently?



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