Options for selling on Amazon EU for UK Sellers

FBA fulfilment prices

Amazon FBA items will have the same size banding across the EU. The rate card can be found here.

Finding FBA fees for EU countries.

There are two methods for doing this:

1.      Use the FBA calculator


Using the ASIN. The ASIN is in the URL:


2.      Using the Rate card

If you know the rate for the UK, you can find this rate on the rate card and look across to find the EU rates.

The UK rate can be found from the calculator or from the Manage inventory page in Amazon in the Estimated fee per unit sold column:

European Fulfilment Network (EFN)

The EFN allows Amazon to use UK stock to fulfil orders in DE, FR, IT, ES. The European Fulfilment Network between the UK and the EU enables thousands of businesses to sell across the border easily without registering for VAT in the destination store.

It allows FBA sellers to store their inventory in local fulfilment centres and fulfil orders across the border, maximising inventory control and flexibility.


EFN Fees

EFN fees are on the FBA rate card. See above.

Pan EU

Pan-EU allows orders to be fulfilled Prime Eligible from a single inventory pool in the EU and deliver throughout the EU.

Pan FBA Fulfillment prices

This is a bit complex:

  • If the seller has an offer in each of UK, DE, FR, IT, ES then they will only pay the domestic fulfilment rate for any country where they have enable stock to be stored
  • EFN rate will be charged for any country where there is a live listing but no inventory storage

Pan EU with country VAT registrations

Until recently, a VAT registration was required if you wish to use Pan-EU FBA and store stock in a country.

Amazon has recently launched the Call off Stock scheme, allowing sellers to make do with fewer registrations.

Pan-EU with ‘Call off Stock’

Amazon has simplified the process for sellers to either enrol or increase your placement options on Pan-European FBA through Call-Off Stock (COS). Now, you are only required to have a single VAT registration number in Germany, France, Italy or Spain to enable additional local storage for eligible ASINs in any of these countries.




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