Setting up Amazon Business

Amazon Business is Amazon’s business focused offering.  Registering for the programme allow merchants to:

  • Offer business specific pricing
  • Provide invoices for business from within the Amazon system

Registering for the programme

It is free to register for Amazon business and this is done from Setting > Account Info > Your Services

Business Pricing

Once registered merchants can set specific business pricing.  The merchant enters the gross price (price including VAT) and Amazon will display this along with the net price (price excluding VAT) to business registered customers.

Note: the default VAT rate is set via Settings > Tax settings.  A VAT rate per item is set at the inventory level.  This can be set in bulk using the inventory loader upload file.

Business pricing and discount can be seen from the Manage inventory screen.  If you can’t see this then change the columns which are selected. 

Click on add quantity discount to specify the discounts on a product.


Discounts can be set based on a quantity which is purchased.  This is based on:

  • % discount based on the quantity of item purchased
  • Fixed price based on the quantity of items purchased.

B2B Central

B2B central is the landing page for Amazon Business.  The page has the following information

  • Links to business resources
  • Reporting on business sales

Product opportunities

The product opportunities report shows product opportunities for business sellers on Amazon.  It can be accessed from B2B central > Product Opportunities. The report shows:

  • Product opportunities for items already on amazon e.g. items without a business offer
  • Products which are not on Amazon, but which Amazon thinks there will be business demand

Manage Quotes

Amazon business customers can request quotes for specific items e.g. I want 100 items at £50/piece.  These requests can be seen under B2B Central > Manage Quotes.

In order to be considered for these quotes, you can change the discounts available on your items directly from this screen.

Managing Invoicing

By opting into managing invoicing, Amazon will manage invoices to business customer on your behalf.  In order to do this a business must enter its VAT registration details. If you have a combined EU account and have a registration in multiple countries, you should do this for each country. 



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