Understanding Amazon’s product listing page

Mystified by Amazon’s product listing page? Help is at hand! The Amazon listing can be split into several distinct sections.

  1. Title. The product title is a maximum of 200 characters and you should aim for at least 80 characters. Include your top 5 keywords and capitalise each word
  2. Images. Aim for at least 5 high quality images (min 1000px on longest side). For the main image the product should be on a white background and be 85% of the image.
  3. Variations. Such as different colours, scents, or sizes
  4. Bullet points. Short, descriptive sentences highlighting key features and benefits. Use all 5 bullet point available. Use sentence fragments. Should be skimmable. Capitalise first word.
  5. Featured offer. (“Buy Box”) The featured offer on a detail page. Customers can add to their cart or “Buy Now”
  6. Other offers. The same product sold by multiple sellers offering a different price, shipping options, etc
  7. Description. Min 250 characters. Can use HTML to structure. Clear precise informative
  8. Reviews. Customer reviews of your products
  9. Questions and Answers. Customer questions
  10. A+ Content. A rich content area available to brands which can be used to give more information about the product. Amazon says using this feature increases conversion
  11. Additional product information. Additional information can be entered for each product, for example about material, weight, or energy efficiency class. Fill in this information as thoroughly as possible: The filter navigation in the sidebar of the Amazon search uses it, as well as specialized product finders.
  12. Search term fields. Use this field to include other keywords which for some reason you could not include in the product description. No need to repeat keywords.



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