Using Interactive Quizzes on Shopify to improve Conversion with Gen Furukawa from Prehook

In this week’s show, Trevor talks to Gen Furukawa from Prehook, an application for Shopify which allows merchants to run quizzes to learn more about their customers

What is a quiz

A Shopify quiz (as enabled by Prehook) asks customers questions and collects data about their preferences. It helps them find the product they want by recommending a product. Examples include (considering ):

  • Asking the age of the child to recommend toys
  • Asking the kind of products customers are looking for

After the quiz, a store can send a welcome flow personalised to the customer’s profile

Why use quizzes?

After iOS 14 brands no longer have the channels they had to run profitable ads. In the past DTC brands could create campaigns using platforms like Facebook, learn which customer segments performed best and optimise their campaigns. CPC and acquisition costs are increasing and it is more difficult for brands to understand who their customers are and how to target them

Quizzes are a mechanism to learn more about your customers and optimise your marketing efforts.  Benefits include:

  • Simplifying the buying process (and improving conversion rate)
  • Create a personalised buying experience
  • Accelerate list growth
  • Capture verified zero party data (data which customers directly and willingly share with a brand)
  • Send targeted messaging (e.g. email, SMS) based on the customer’s answers

How to create successful quizzes

A successful quiz should offer something of value to the customer for example:

  • Personalised shopping advice e.g. recommend a product
  • Personalised advice e.g. recommended articles

Quizzes can be used at multiple stages of the buying process for example:

  • Top of funnel – in the top navigation e.g. shopping assistance
  • Hook for a Landing page e.g. Drive traffic from email
  • After a process – a post postage quiz can establish attribution
  • Feedback on products

Measuring success

The success of a quiz is measured through increased revenue and list growth.

Who does well with quizzes?

Prehook has found that the following types of products do particularly well with quizzes:

  • Skincare
  • Fragrance
  • Food and drink
  • Apparel



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