7 Ways to sell more on eBay


eBay filters its search results by keywords. The more relevant, high-volume keywords you can squeeze into your listings, the more searches for which your listing will be served.

eBay searches the title and descriptions when generating search results. Include your keywords in both and use as many of your title’s 80 characters as possible. 

Understand Best Match – Watch your metrics

eBay’s Best Match search algorithm orders its results based on the content of the listing, the sales history, and the seller’s performance. By keeping your metrics healthy, you will improve your search performance.

Listing Quality

Creating compelling listings will improve the conversion rate, drive sales, and reduce advertising costs. Areas of listing to optimise include:

  • Images. eBay recommends at least 3 high-quality images per listing
  • Listing content. Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the product
  • HTML template. Brand your listing using HTML

Item specifics

Item specifics give buyers more information about your product. They also enable filtered search for buyers looking to zero in on the products they want. By adding item specifics, you will appear in more filtered searches.

Multi Buy offers

Offers such as multi-buy (e.g. buy 2 get 10% off) encourage users to purchase multiple items, increasing basket size and profitability.

Promoted listings

eBay’s promoted listing programme enables sellers to get top placement for their listings in exchange for an increased commission. It is a commission-based scheme, so low risk. 

From experience, generating significant sales on eBay requires investment in promoted search.

Sell internationally

Adding international shipping options to your listings will enable them to appear on eBay international listing sites. eBay currently has a presence in over 20 countries.

eBay has a service called the Global Selling Programme in the UK, where orders are sent to a central UK warehouse and dispatched abroad. Opting offers into GSP is an easy way to ship internationally.



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