How to increase your eBay sales with Nahar Geva from Zik Analytics

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In this week’s podcast, Trevor talked to Nahar Geva from Zik Analytics about how to Boost your eBay sales.

Zik Analytics is a platform which helps sellers to research successful products to sell on eBay and other online platforms.

Is eBay still worth selling on?

Yes! eBay is the number two online marketplace with 180 users worldwide.

Whilst eBay was originally a second-hand marketplace, most products are now sold at a fixed price. 

Furthermore, selling multi-channel diversifies your business and reduces risk.

What can be sold on eBay?

Almost everything can be sold on eBay. Growth categories include:

  • Jewellery
  • Clothing (Under <$40)
  • Electronics
  • Outdoor sports

Unlike Amazon, it is easy to describe products on eBay individually. This means that products can be sold in a range of conditions. For this reason, many big retailers use eBay to sell their returns or end-of-line stock.

How to Boost your eBay sales


Write descriptive titles which contact long tail keywords. Use as many of the available 80 characters as possible.

Item specifics

These are super important as they enable users to filter for the product they want to buy. You will not be included in filtered searches if you do not include specifics.


eBay is a competitive marketplace, and so pricing is a critical factor. Monitor your pricing and ensure your offer is competitive.


Use high-quality professional images which display the product effectively. The main image should be on a white background and take up the majority of the image.

Watch your metrics

eBay monitors metrics, and better-performing sellers will get higher-ranking search results.


Using variations combines multiple products into a single listing, improving listing performance and conversion rate.

Sell internationally

By making your listings available to international buyers through your own shipping or eBay’s Global Shipping programme, sellers can increase sales by at least 5-10%.



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