Benefits of an eCommerce Website

Websites are now such a ubiquitous part of everyday life that it is easy to forget how they have revolutionised commerce. However, it is worth reiterating the advantages of selling through a website. Although most businesses have a website of one sort or another, many of these websites are out of date, poorly configured or provide a poor customer experience. Fortunately, eCommerce enabled websites are no longer either excessively expensive or difficult to create.

Sell to a Growing Market

Online sales are still experiencing robust growth and with an eCommerce enabled website, it is possible to tap into this growing market. Sales have been growing steadily every year, taking a giant leap during the 2020 pandemic.

Source: Smart Insights

Brand Building

In a world where many businesses opt to sell only through marketplaces or Social Media, having a website is signal you are a more established business. Perhaps not as established as an offline retailer, but you are starting to put down roots! A well-constructed website presents a company as professional and reputable and provides an easily accessible marketing presence.

Sell Through Additional Channels

A business with a website can use all the sales channels discussed in this book to drive traffic to their website and make sales. All sales channels, except marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, require a website to function effectively.

Sell 24/7

Unlike an offline store, which requires constant staffing, a website can take sales twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Reach a Global Marketplace

Globalisation has meant that companies are now competing on an international as well as national level. A website can be accessed from anywhere globally with an internet connection, allowing businesses to sell to a global marketplace. For many products and services, especially those that can be delivered digitally, this opens a whole new international market for products.



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