eCommerce Sales Platforms

An eCommerce platform is software that manages the backend processes of an eCommerce business. These can either be a hosted all in one system like Linnworks or Veeqo, to which a company will buy an ongoing subscription to a standard set of services or a system like Shopify where functionality is added by installing third-party apps.

Linnworks and Veeqo

Linnworks ( and Veeqo ( are good examples of eCommerce platforms that provides the following functionality:

  • Channel integration. Integration with all the primary online sales channels enables publishing product data and stock levels on multiple channels and importing orders.
  • Order management. Orders from all channels displayed in a single list.
  • Warehousing. The organisation of the warehouse, including management inventory locations, picking, packing and booking in orders.
  • Inventory management. Storing and publishing inventory details, including descriptions, imagery and attributes
  • Stock replenishment. Reordering of stock, including sending off purchase orders.
  • Dispatch. Integrating with couriers enables printing shipping labels, order dispatch, emailing dispatch notifications and manifesting.

They do not have a website solution but integrate with leading website solutions such as woo-commerce or Magento. The benefit of using these systems over Shopify is that the bundled together services which come with the system will work together better and can also be cheaper to implement than multiple 3rd party apps.


Shopify ( is the leading eCommerce website software solution and runs millions of websites worldwide. It is cost-effective and easy to use. Shopify is not just a website as there are thousands of apps available which extend its functionality to enable users to implement the functionality mentioned above.

As mentioned above, turning Shopify into a complete eCommerce system will require installing multiple 3rd party apps. This may be more expensive and more complex than using a single system.



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