Understanding Email Marketing Metrics

Before launching an email marketing campaign, it is essential to understand your goals to know if your campaign is successful. Monitoring and analysing your email marketing performance is the best way to get to know your subscribers and discover what works for your business. Monitoring performance should be part of your email marketing strategy from […]

Email Marketing Campaign Email Design Best Practice

Email Design Consumers receive hundreds of emails every week. You must create a valuable, relevant, visually appealing, and compelling email design to stand out. This entails selecting fonts, colours, images, and layouts to increase engagement and click-through rates.  The best emails are concise, readable across various email clients and attention-grabbing. Why is design important? No […]

How to Creation Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

There are several steps to creating a successful email campaign in MailChimp. Clear Goal Each email campaign should focus on just one goal. Getting customers to convert on multiple calls to action (CTA) in an email will confuse them, leading to lower conversion rates. Simplicity is key. When setting your goal, use the SMART framework. […]

How to write compelling Email Marketing Campaign Emails

Email marketing aims to write high-performing emails with high open and click-through rates. Several variables go into writing a great email. You rise to the top and get noticed by paying attention to all the elements that make up an email. General Principles: Three Es of Email Jimmy Kim of Sendlane recommends keeping in mind […]

Creating MailChimp Pop Up Forms

What is a pop-up form An email pop-up is a window with form fields that appears on a website. It prompts the visitor to enter their email address, allowing the website owner to communicate with them via email. Pop Up forms are highly effective Email pop-ups are among the most widely used and effective email […]

Creating MailChimp Audiences & Importing Contacts

Whether you are starting from nothing or importing existing contacts into Mailchimp, your audience is where you will store and manage all your contact data. Your Mailchimp audience is where you collect and manage subscribed, unsubscribed and non-subscribed contacts. Audience member types are: Audience Best practices Use a primary audience Rather than using multiple audiences, […]