Creating MailChimp Audiences & Importing Contacts

Whether you are starting from nothing or importing existing contacts into Mailchimp, your audience is where you will store and manage all your contact data. Your Mailchimp audience is where you collect and manage subscribed, unsubscribed and non-subscribed contacts. Audience member types are: Audience Best practices Use a primary audience Rather than using multiple audiences, […]

Email Marketing Deliverability and Spam

What is Email Deliverability Email deliverability is about maximising the number of messages that arrive in the inbox rather than being blocked or marked as Spam by mailbox providers. Maximising deliverability requires following a set of best practices demonstrating you are a responsible sender. The main referees are the mailbox providers, a.k.a. inbox service providers […]

MailChimp Email Domain Authentication

Email Domain Authentication in Mailchimp Domains are an important part of creating the online identity of your business. Sending your email campaign from your domain makes it more trusted by recipients, memorable, and findable online. You can send emails from MailChimp using free email services such as Gmail. However, emails coming from free emails will […]

Why Email Marketing

Email marketing is the use of email communications as part of a marketing strategy to reach specific business goals. Emails can be used generate sales, enhance customer engagement (i.e., newsletters), acquire customers, create brand awareness and reward customer loyalty. Types of emails include: Why Email Marketing is important Switching suppliers is only a Google search […]

Optimising Google Ads Display Campaigns

Identify your goals When creating a Google Ads campaign, you will see suggested settings and bidding strategies. Deciding your goals in advance will help you to plan and implement your display campaigns better. The goal will influence the audience segments you target, your budget, your bidding strategy, your creative and the metrics you track. **To […]

How to Optimise Your Google Search Ads Campaigns

Optimising Google Search Ads The landing page must match your ad The quality of the landing page is a major factor in converting browsers into buyers. When someone clicks on an ad, they expect to be taken to a relevant page. If the page is not relevant, they are unlikely to convert. Use Ad rotation […]

How to Use Google Insights & Reporting

Insights and Reports Insights The Insights page helps you find trends in your market and understand your performance. Insights for your business are based on your account’s performance and searches across Google for the products and services for which you wish to show ads. They are update daily. Benefits include: Types of insight Search terms […]

Creating Optimised Content for On-Page SEO

Once you have completed your keyword research and organised your content into topics, it is time to start planning your content. When people talk about content optimisation, they often refer to content that will drive organic search engine traffic. However, remember you should always be writing for the user and not specifically for Google. By […]