Choosing a theme for your Shopify Store

A theme determines the look and feel of a Shopify storefront.  Shopify provides a range of free themes, or if you require something different, there is also a paid-for theme option.

Themes are selected in online storefront > themes.

Customising themes

All themes can be edited in a theme editor.  We will discuss editing the theme in another video.

Duplicating themes

If you wish to edit your live theme, it is best to duplicate the theme and then edit it before putting the new edited theme live.  This allows you to get the theme right before doing live.

Uploading a theme

A custom then can be uploaded via the upload a theme link

Theme actions

  • Preview.  Preview a theme before it goes live
  • Rename.  Change the name of a theme
  • Download theme file.  Download the theme for external editing
  • Edit code.  Play with the codes of the theme (advanced users only)
  • Edit languages.  Edit the text used in standard theme buttons e.g. 404 page
  • Remove.



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