Creating a Shopify Product Collection

Collections are accessed from the LH main menu

Collections in Shopify are used to group together products.  These collections can then be used to populate the navigation or in featured sections of the website.

Types of collections

There are two types of collection: automated and manual.

  • Manual.  Products are added manually to a collection.
  • Automatic.  Products are added to a collection based on product attributes, e.g. title contains words or price threshold

Automated collections are convenient but less flexible as products cannot be excluded if they meet the criteria.

Collection attributes

Title and description

Users should take care to create compelling keyword-rich title and description as this information is used on the navigation elements and also picked up by search engines.

The page <title>, URL and meta description are populated automatically by this information, though the content can be manually edited.


Images should be square and a maximum of 4472 x 4472 px.  Take time to select a compelling image for your collection as this will be dispatch on your storefront. 


In this section how the collection page will appear in the search results is shown and the user can edit the information for the <title>, meta description and URL.

Previewing your collection

To see how the collection will look on your website, click view in the top RHS.



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