Creating Amazon FBA listings (or convert FBM to FBA)

There are several options for creating FBA items. This post looks at how to convert FBM to FBA and also how to create new products as FBA listings.

Converting items form FBM to FBA – Manually

FBM items can be converted to FBA listings one at a time via the Manage inventory screen. The process is as follows:

  • Select a product and select convert to FBA from the menu on the top LHS
  • Select whether you want this product to use the manufacturer barcode or an Amazon barcode
  • Fill in the Hazmat information (Hazardous materials + batteries)

And you are done!  After a few minutes your product will appear in your FBA inventory

Converting item form FBM to FBA – Bulk

If converting product in bulk this can be done by the inventory loader file. 

  • Download the inventory File from Inventory > Add product via Upload and download the inventory loader from inventory files at the bottom of the page
  • The FBA specific fields are the
    • fulfillment-center-id.  (Column M)
    • Field relating to batteries (Q to AD)
    • Fields relating to Hazmat (AE to AK)

Refer to the data definitions detail in the inventory upload file for the valid values for this file.  If you

Creating new FBA items

The process of creating FBA listings is basically the same as FBM products, except there are additional FBA field to complete.  These fields are:

  • Fulfilment centre ID
  • Packaging dimensions
  • Packaged weight
  • Details of product batteries
  • Hazmat details



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