Understanding Amazon FBA Fees

There are several different fees to consider when sending FBA stock:

  • Fulfilment fees.  A fulfilment fee is changed on each order based on the item size
  • Storage fees.  A monthly storage fee is charged based on the actual storage used
  • Optional fees.  These are fees for optional extras such as labelling,

Fulfilment fees

FBA fulfilment fees are based on an item’s size and are banded. The prices are set out on a rate card which can be found here for the EU and UK.  The size of an item is set when the product is originally onboarded into FBA.  It can only be changed by contacting Amazon customer service. 

Items are divided into three broad categories

  • Small and light. FBA Small and Light is an Amazon fulfilment solution for your fast-moving, small, light-weight products priced £9 or €10 or less (including VAT). This Programme offers lower fulfilment fees versus standard FBA fulfilment fees on comparable products when shipped locally
  • Standard. 
  • Oversized.  Larger items which incur a higher fulfilment fee

Storage fees

Storage fees are changed by the cubic foot/month (UK) or m2/month (EU) based on the volume actually stored.  This varies slightly by category and also the time of year with Q4 being more expensive.

After an item has been in storage for over 365 days, storage will be charged at a punitive rate. This is known as the Long Term Storage fee.  Merchants can avoid this by electing to have item returned to them before the fee kicks in.

Optional fees

Amazon FBA offers a number of additional services, some of which are optional.  Merchants must pay to have item returned or disposed on.  On the other hand they have the option to prepare their own items of let Amazon do it for them.

  • Returns.  There is a cost per item for product to be returned
  • Disposal.  Instead of return items, merchants can chose for them to be
  • Labelling.  Some items need to have a different Amazon specific barcode to be accepted into an Amazon fulfilment centre.  In this case either the merchant must over-label the barcode or Amazon can do it as a additional service
  • Product preparation. Amazon requires products to properly packaged e.g. any products with open packaging must be bagged.



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