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eBay Promoted system is a simple yet effective advertising system for boosting your eBay sales. Unlike Amazon Sponsored Products or Google Ads, eBay Promoted Listings are not auction-based or keyword-targeted. Instead, the merchant chooses a level of additional commission to pay for the promoted listing. If the listing does not sell, then there is no payment to make. Promoted Listings is an excellent programme for boosting your items in the search results and positively impacting sales.

How Promoted Listings work

To sponsor listings, a seller selects the items they wish to promote and specifies how much of the sale price they are willing to pay. eBay then boosts the listings from their usual positions in the search results to the four top spots in the eBay search results or placements lower down the page.

The top listings on eBay searches are often Promoted.

If a buyer clicks on a promoted listing and then buys it, you pay eBay the percentage you set when creating the campaign, in addition to the usual final value fee. If the item does not sell, there is nothing to pay. The typical range for successful listings is 5-10% of the sale price.

As the merchant choose the additional commission they are willing to pay, the cost of eBay Promoted Listings is easy to control, as compared with PPC programmes such as Google Ads.

Promoted Listing Best Practises

Promoted Listing can improve sales performance under several circumstances:

  • Bestsellers. Items that have proven popular with customers will respond well to promotion if you are willing to sacrifice margin.
  • High conversion rate/low traffic items. If you have listings that are converting well but have low sales, then these could benefit from additional traffic from Promoted listings.
  • New items. eBay’s Best Match search algorithm looks at the sales history of listings, and so promoting listings will help build listing history.
  • Liquidation. Promoted listings can drive traffic to products that need to sell quickly.



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