Selling Internationally on eBay

eBay has customers all over the world, and by offering to ship to international locations, opens your products to a global market at no additional cost.

Standard International Selling

The easiest way to sell internationally with eBay is to list on your domestic eBay site but add international shipping options. This item will then appear in the search results of regions for which shipping details are specified. On non-English sites, listings will be automatically translated into the local language.

Advanced International Selling

Sellers wishing to localise their listings themselves can list directly on international eBay sites. These listings will have higher visibility as they will appear in the search results on those local sites.

Creating your own listings allows you to translate item descriptions professionally into the local language and appeal to more buyers. The fees paid will be at the local country rate (not the domestic rate).

Global Shipping Programme

Shipping internationally can be a pain, especially now that the UK has left the EU and there is import VAT to consider. eBay’s Global Shipping Programme aims to take the pain out of international shipping. Once a seller has joined the programme, customers worldwide can purchase their products. eBay will manage all the taxes and shipping fees, and the merchant need only ship the product to a UK fulfilment centre.



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