How to create Amazon FBA Shipping Plans

Sending inventory to FBA is managed rom Inventory > Manage FBA shipments

Shipping plans

For items to be sent to an Amazon warehouse, they need to be added to a shipping plan.  There are two ways to do this

  • From inventory select the FBA product and from the Action drop down menu select Send/Replenish inventory
  • From the Manage inventory menu select Manage FBA shipments and then select upload a shipping plan file

Upload a shipping plan

A shipping plan is a list of item to be send up to Amazon.  It is specified by mean of a templated text file

An example file can be found here.

Shipping queue

Once the shipping plan has been uploaded it appears in the shipping queue under Shipping plans.  From here the merchant can work on the details.  These are:

  • Set quantity. This tab shows the inventory to be sent up, and also skus requiring additional info (e.g. dimensions) or removal
  • Prepare products.  Details of product requiring bagging or other preparation
  • Label products.  SKUs requiring labelling
  • Review shipments.  This shows where the inventory is to be sent and how it is to be boxed
  • Prepare shipments.  Labels for the boxes
  • Summary.  Details of the shipments


Once a shipping plan has been completed it will appear as a shipment.  The status of the shipping plan with regard to Amazon will be shown on this screen.

Reconcile shipments

When a delivery is booked in by the Amazon warehouse, they may find (or think they find!) discrepancies between what was in the delivery and what they booked in.  The discrepancies can be seen under the Reconcile shipment tab.



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